Revolutionizing Indoor & Outdoor Navigation

Guidebot revolutionizes retail assistance by introducing an AR navigation and assistance system. A virtual character of your choice guides you through any indoor or outdoor location and assists in any language using the latest AI chatbot technology.

The Perfect Virtual Companion
for your Guests and Visitors in …



The GuideBOT will show your guests the shortest ways to the best places, making sure to accurately share information or do presentations of certain places or individual items in a museum.



Keep all passengers on the right path and lead them safely to their appropriate gate or terminal as well as bathrooms, restaurants, duty-free and smoking areas or places like airline-clubs, lounges and even nearby hotels.


Theme Parks & Zoos

Enhance the experience in theme-parks and zoos by offering a personal adventure guide. Choose from a list of pre-defined places and let GuideBOT take you on a route while telling you all there is to know.


Buildings & Offices

Lead your incoming guests / attendants to the right conference rooms for business meetings without complications. Point out info-desks, bathrooms, food-courts or do a general tour around your building. 


Convention & Events

Accompany your visitors to all different areas of your convention, point out important speakers or time-frames of live presentations. GuideBOT can even be customized to represent stalls of participators in full detail.


Retail & Shopping Malls

The Guidebot will lead your visitors and buyers to find their desired stores efficiently. You can even show individual products within a store and point out alternative search-related items or brands on the go.

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